Funny way to wear real handmade foulards.

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I'm the dreamer and designer.


I'm the sister who believed in her eldest!

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Two Sisters

Two years difference. One mum of three, one single. One lives in US, one in Spain. One brown-haired, one blonde, but sisters after all!

We grew up thinking we were absolutely different although we shared the same mother and father, and ended up, at the age of 40,  realizing that, still, we had this one thing in common: we are absolutely PASSIONATE of all we do!!


One idea

LoveFoul was born somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, as we travel all the time.

Carolina took quilt classes in Maryland when she first moved to the US and Elena pushed her, one day, to share her lovely designs with the world and around the world.

For the first time both sisters were going to put all her PASSION into a single shared project.



LoveFoul  are foulards made out with quilt fabric (100% cotton), bought in US, Spain and everywhere we travel (even Burkina Faso).

They are completely homemade and exclusive. Nobody will share the same as you.They are full of PASSION and you will fall in love at first sight!

You can find us...


Calle Almendro del Paular, 10. Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid 28224. Spain


Spain: (0034) 619 248 206

US: (001) 626-616-9382